The Reason We Should Prevent Pitting Ayesha Curry Against Kim Kardashian

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The reason we Need To end Pitting Ayesha Curry Against Kim Kardashian Immediately

The Story

Kim Kardashian is probably not able to break the online world, but damned if she can’t place every little thing on pause although we all freak-out about whatever she is doing next. Recently this is the web aftershocks and Twitter tidal swells as a result of the meteor-like impact of her most recent jaw-dropping nude selfie. 

What happened? Well today, Steph Curry’s girlfriend Ayesha Curry began trending on Twitter. The Reason Why? Simply for this reason tweet, which pits their against Kardashian in a battle of “bad girl” vs. “great girl.” 

The Snapshot

There’s 2 kinds of baby mamas/wifey….Choose wisely! pic.twitter.com/d2YrzHNFp3

The Lesson

Few difficulties with this package: firstly, 99.9per cent of males will never be in times in which they can be choosing between Kim Kardashian and Ayesha Curry. With the best of my personal expertise, not even Kanye western or Steph Curry provides that issue.

Second of all, painting Ayesha Curry as an excellent mother and Kim Kardashian as a woman of loose morals creates a bogus dichotomy. As many folks on Twitter pointed out, Kim spends quality time along with her children also, as well as all we understand, Ayesha is actually sending Steph jaw-dropping nudes on Snapchat when the fighters are on road trips. 

And lastly, this concept reaches women in basic. If a lady wants to tweet a Brittany Lynne naked selfie, which is her business. If you are uptight about that, that is your organization, not hers, nor Kanye’s. It doesn’t color every one of the woman steps, or preclude her from being good partner or mummy. And let’s be honest… any time you looked as good naked as Kim Kardashian does, you would wish society understand, as well.